Completed projects / future projects

The aesthetic power and political necessity of Judith Bartolani’s original work
has inspired a series of ambitious and magnificent projects by different artists.

2020 – 2023 : PHASE 1
A first phase has come to an end with two projects completed
(immersive exhibition and short film)

The immersive exhibition was presented at the (Deportation Memorial) Mémorial des Déportations, Marseille, from December 2019 to June 2021.

Designer of extraordinary artistic projects,
FEARLESS continues the reflection prompted by Judith Bartolani’s work,
through new ideas, which will require new partners, supporters, producers and broadcasters.

– CINÉMA : another short film and later a feature film are planned.
– OPÉRA : an opera – already in the dreams of Dominik Barbier and Kasper T. Toeplitz, (who in 2003/2004 joined forces for the mutant show HAMLET MACHINE : Les Subsistances, Lyon / XX° World Wide Video Festival d’Amsterdam / Festival des Musiques du GMEM, Marseille / Teatro Vascello, Rome / Teatro Libero, Palerme).
– DOCUMENTARY : Page after page, the artist comments on her original work, a stimulating and emotional journey through artistic creation and history. A project by Anne Van den Steen and Dominik Barbier.
– PERFORMANCE : exhibition performance ? a novel form of theater ?
Drawing from this rich material, an original book and its transpositions in the digital and immersive realms, musical creation, readings in French, English or Yiddish, artist “Commentary” etc. A reflection is underway to invent a form of performance in which everything remains to be imagined.